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Explore the 2020 Program

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FRI. | 9/25 | 5p PST

Award winning stand-up comedian, Sampson McCormick will deliver opening remarks to kick off Black X Film Festival. Followed by a special segment on WBS News providing satirical steps on How to be Woke. Then follow Sirius Lee: The Problematic Time Transplant as time travel, martial arts and electro-funk collide in this hilarious web series that explores just how little some things change. Be ready to laugh!

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SAT. | 9/26 | 12p PST


A collection of films whose focus on self discovery illustrate the richness of situational experience where people and place come in conflict with individual identity.

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SAT. | 9/26 | 5p PST


This collection tracks the impact of those who've come before and those who've left far too soon and their effect on present day Black experiences.

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SUN. | 9/27 | 12p PST

Finding Place

A collection of films centered around the idea of place as it pertains to home, refuge, community, and the politics of Blackness which denies access to places both physically and symbolically.


SUN. | 9/27 | 5P PST


This award winning documentary that premiered at Tribeca Film Festival explores the grassroots campaign of electoral hopeful Rosa Iris. This film reveals the depths of racial hatred and institutionalized oppression that divide Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Opening Night

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